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May 31

Written by: comm critical psy
31/05/2012 16:13 


At the upcoming IV International Conference of Community Psychology in Barcelona (June 21 to 23 2012) the will be a number of presentations dealing with critical understandings of community psychologies and a number of opportunities for debate and critical thinking. (Find the complete Conference programme here.)

As a beginning I'd like to hint at just one of them:

The Symposium 'Critical Methodology and Community Psychology' with participants from different countries, inkluding David Fryer, Brona Nic Giolla Easpaig, Dolores S. Miranda Gierbolini, David Vossebrecher, and Carlos Rivera, will offer those attending opportunies to become engaged in critically theorised debate about epistemological, ontological, ideological and political issues important to all research, including that of community and critical psychologists, but especially research which involves the social construction of texts, analytic readings of those texts and the use of such analytical readings to legitimate knowledge claims and deploy them as political action.  Four presenters from three countries will then theorise critical methodological issues from their own work.

David Fryer (Australian Institute of Psychology and University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia and University of South Africa), as convener and discussant, will introduce the other speakers and then open critical discussion about how some claims are given the status of ‘knowledge’ and others not, some systems of knowledge claims are positioned as 'truth’ and others not and how these processes are related to the serving of powerful interests.

Presentations and presenters:
"Gazing Back" -- Brona Nic Giolla Easpaig (Australian Institute of Psychology)

"Bourdieu’s theory of symbolic power and the discussion of participatory methodology" -- David Vossebrecher (Organisational Development Laboratory, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany)

"Is your story about Me?" -- Dolores S. Miranda Gierbolini (University of Puerto Rico)

"The Critical Literature Review: A new 'beginning'" -- Carlos Rivera, M.A. (Australian Institute of Psychology, University of Queensland and University of Puerto Rico)

Detailed abstracts and information can be found here (directly to PDF) and here (conference website, programme area).

We look forward to see you in Barcelona!


[written by D. Vossebrecher]



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